Presented by John Sentell

Our main goal on The Bluegrass Gospel Hour is to tell others about Jesus Christ through bluegrass music and for me, bluegrass music is a way to help melt stress away. We try to help create a "bubble" around circumstances that can cause someone to be down and tell a positive message and with the help of bluegrass music, we hope to help melt that stress away and play a song that is the very song with the very message you needed to hear. Times are hard for so many people and maybe the bluegrass music will be able to help block stress and worries and help brighten your day.

Bluegrass is a style of music that can help cheer us up. It can bring a smile to your heart and even if you're having the best day ever, bluegrass music can be the icing on the cake. My goal each week is to help just one person both have a better day and share the word of God through music.

Remember to put God first. Pray everyday and let God's word be your armor against satan and sin. To me, no matter what mood I may be in, bluegrass music can lift my spirits. If you're having a bad day, remember to pray about whatever it is that has you down. And most of all, if the world knocks you to your knees, don't stay there, pray there!

Air Times: Sundays 7:00am and 8:00pm