Hosts Doc Sanders and Rick Hartman give a common sense approach to food and farming.  They discuss all things farming such as latest procedures and hot bed issues that affect local farmers.  They'll also confirm the truths and dispel the myths of agriculture.  You don't have to be a farmer to enjoy Beyond The Barn.





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A Solution For Local Gardens/A Way to Use Harvested Livestock Leftovers
December 28th 2022 - part 2
Veterinarians Are Having Trouble Finding Imortant Medicines
December 28th 2022 - part 1
An Example Of Why Not To Be Afraid of CRISPR Products
December 7th 2022 - part 2
A New Trend In Livestock Feed
December 7th 2022 - part 1
A New Company's Product Hoping To Make Some Improvement In The Western Drought
November 16th 2022 - part 2
Guess Who Is Actually Talking About Taxing...COW FARTS?!
November 16th 2022 - part 1
Plant-Based Meat Has Wilting Sales
November 2nd 2022 - part 2
Another Bird Flu That You're Not Hearing About
November 2nd 2022 - part 1
New Addition To (Chemically Free) Stop Weed Growth
October 5th 2022 - part 2
An New Development On The Way To Scan Your Crops
October 5th 2022 - part 1
A New Robotic Life Saver / And An Update On Roundup
September 28th 2022 - part 2
The Farm of the Near Future
September 28th 2022 - part 1
A Effort To Help Ease the Farm Worker Shortage / A 100 Year Old Company the You Probably Never Knew Existed
June 22nd 2022 - part 2
Smithfield Foods Promoting Minority Ownership
June 22nd 2022 - part 1
A New Chicken Farm in Florida and News About a Possible Issue with Your Tomatoes
June 8th 2022 - part 2
Sweet Potatos Making A Change For A Struggling Area
June 8th 2022 - part 1
What Would We Lose If We Didn't Use GMOs in Agriculture?
May 25th 2022 - part 2
What Would We Lose If We Didn't Use GMOs in Agriculture?
May 25th 2022 - part 1
An Answer To A Logical Question
May 11th 2022 - part 2
The Agricultural Impact Due to the War in Ukraine
May 11th 2022 - part 1
Little Gardens, Hopefully Making A Big Impact
April 27th 2022 - part 2
New Biofuel Studies...For Jet Fuel!
April 27th 2022 - part 1
Insider Knowledge on Increasing Your Soybean Yields
April 13th 2022 - part 2
How A Drug You Know (That's Become Demonized) Came About
April 13th 2022 - part 1
A Possible Relief In Fuel Costs Thanks To Farm-Based Biofuels
April 6th 2022 - part 2
They're Discovery a Huge Solution Using an Uncommon Approach
April 6th 2022 - part 1
The Negative Side of Moths
March 23rd 2022 - part 2
New Info for the Positive Side of Moths
March 23rd 2022 - part 1
The Way Thay Are Saving Half of Some Newly Hatched Chickens
March 9th 2022 - part 2
The Anchient "Eastern Cowboys" and What We've Found Out About Them
March 9th 2022 - part 1
What Do We Get From China? and (Unrelated) A New Fuel For Tractors
February 16th 2022 - part 2
How To Check and Keep Your Chicken Coop Eggs
February 16th 2022 - part 1
Another Hurdle In The Quest For Electric Tractors
February 2nd 2022 - part 2
New Zealand Working On A New Type of Ruminant Vaccine
February 2nd 2022 - part 1
Using ALL of the Fish...Possibly Coming Soon
January 26th 2022 - part 2
Turkeys and Chickens! Two Very Different Stories
January 26th 2022 - part 1
A New Way of Creating A Safe Pesticide
January 5th 2022 - part 2
California's 2035 (2045 for Tractors) Problem
January 5th 2022 - part 1


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