On Community Events Spotlight, we talk to organizers of local events or leaders of local organizations that want to share their information with the public. This show is usually around 10-15 mins and we will not have a show every week. Shows will happen on an "as requested" basis. If you have an event or an organization that would like to talk about, please let us hear about it by emailing us at communityeventsspotlight@readyfm.com. This is community service that we offer free-of-charge to help keep our community connected.   All shows will be available via podcast soon after the show airs.  


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*Air Times: Wednesday at 3:00pm, Friday at 12:00pm and Saturday at 5:00pm

*Shows will only air on weeks where there is new content.

Let us know if you would like to be featured on the show - communityeventsspotlight@readyfm.com


Community Events Spotlight Podcasts