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  • Comparing Offenses and Christmas Gifts

    When you look across the NFL, you realize there are multiple ways to win and different approaches to the game. There are high-powered offenses that throw the ball all day…and ground and pound teams that run the ball consistently. Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers to a nice win over the Ravens last Sunday by incredibly throwing for over 500 yards, while the Panthers relied on Jonathan Stewart to rush for three touchdowns in their win over the Vikings. You’d think other quarterbacks might be jealous of a performance like Big...

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  • Will Rodgers Save the Packers?

    Every season the Green Bay Packers seem to be a playoff caliber team because of the great starting quarterbacks they have. From Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, they’ve almost always had a quarterback they can trust. Although they’ve made the playoffs eight straight years, ever since Rodgers went down early in the season those chances have been in doubt. Rodgers helped get the team off to a strong start with a couple of comeback wins and leading the league in touchdown passes (13) the first five weeks. But when he broke...

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  • Next or Present?

    On ESPN.com’s front page today, they are featuring a 2018 Mock Draft as their big story, and it doesn’t even take place until the end of April! I know some NFL teams have no hope for the playoffs, and they’re shifting their attention to next year, but shouldn’t fans be focusing on the games we’re going to see during the next three weeks? Afterall, there are some great matchups among the top teams fighting for playoff positioning. The fact that ESPN is already pumping up next year’s draft isn’t much different than...

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  • Carson Wentz Goes Down, But Looks Up

    The Philadelphia Eagles clinched the NFC East title on Sunday by winning a huge game against the Rams in LA, while continuing to prove they are one of the most complete teams in the league. They’ve been a fun team to watch, as quarterback Carson Wentz has shown his ability to lead the team and make ridiculous plays with his arm and legs. Unfortunately, as he dove into the end zone trying to make one of those big plays, he was hit by multiple defenders and tore his ACL. This is devastating...

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  • Goodell Worthy of $200 Million?

    The NFL’s owners have decided to give Roger Goodell a contract extension to continue as the Commissioner of the league. He has been in charge since 2006, and the league has seen tremendous growth throughout his tenure. Reports indicate that Goodell and the NFL decided on a five-year deal worth $200 million. Despite some of the questionable decisions he’s made over the years (especially regarding discipline issues and some of the recent controversies surrounding the league), the compensation committee said this: “Our Committee unanimously supports the contract and believes that...

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  • Football Isn’t Safe

    As football fans, we enjoy watching the intensity and passion while also realizing the pain these players put their bodies through. They are risking injury on every play, and when a guy gets seriously injured, it’s hard to watch. We’re still waiting to hear how Steelers’ linebacker, Ryan Shazier, is doing after a spinal injury when going for a tackle on Monday Night. In that same game, we saw two other collisions resulting in Steelers’ wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster, being suspended one game for a violent block…and Bengals’ safety, George Iloka, being fined...

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  • The Angry Warriors

    What is going on with the Golden State Warriors? They are still the most talented team in the NBA, and the favorites to win the Championship, but the storyline surrounding them is all about their players getting ejected and even suspended, as they’ve allowed frustration to take over. They get mad at the refs and also allow their opponents to get them riled up. Kevin Durant seems to be a pretty soft-spoken guy, but he’s already been ejected three times this year, while Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Shaun Livingston...

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  • Smart’s Significant Season

    Last night I enjoyed attending the Bronko Nagurski Awards Banquet, with football players from Pop Warner all the way up to the NFL being honored. The big award (Bronko Nagurski) went to NC State’s defensive end, Bradley Chubb, who was recognized as this year’s top defender in college football. The keynote speaker was Georgia’s head coach, Kirby Smart, who happened to be booked to speak way before anyone knew his team would be competing in this year’s Playoff. He was obviously very excited about the season, and ended up having...

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  • Saban Makes His Case

    The College Football Playoff is set, and the four teams picked to compete are Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama. The first three teams all won their Conference Championship game on Saturday, but Alabama’s spot is the most controversial since they didn’t win the SEC. I think Playoff teams should be required to win their Conference Title, but the Committee didn’t see it that way this year. They ended up choosing ‘Bama over Ohio State – despite the Buckeyes winning the Big 10. With a team’s entire resume and other factors...

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  • Drawn to Tiger’s Greatness

    Although most of us are fired up for Championship Weekend in college football, Tiger Woods has the amazing ability to shift the attention toward the golf course…even in December! He’s in a select group of elite athletes whose peak greatness is unmatched, and many fans have missed him over the last few years. Fortunately the round he put together yesterday, and his start today, draw us in and give us hope that he might still have something left in the tank. Before yesterday’s round at the Hero World Challenge, it...

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