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  • Block Out the Clutter

    With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, four teams compete in the Conference Championship games this Sunday. Being so close to the NFL’s ultimate game is undoubtedly a big deal for everyone involved. All week they’ve been preparing for their opponents, while also dealing with numerous media obligations, continuous attention from the fans, and countless congratulatory phone calls. When you throw in the added pressure that comes from a game with this magnitude, players have been navigating through plenty of responsibilities. During a press conference this week, Philadelphia...

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  • The Intentional Forced Fumble

    The Jacksonville Jaguars are one win away from the Super Bowl, largely due to their dominant defense. The front office and coaching staff have done an admirable job putting together the right combination of young drafted players and veteran free agents. While players like Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, and Telvin Smith get the most attention, Yannick Ngakoue has been crucial to the success of the Jaguars’ defense. This defensive end led the NFL with six forced fumbles during the regular season, while also totaling 12 sacks. Last week in Pittsburgh,...

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  • Fighting Against the Fight

    The NBA’s popularity and reputation have gone through cycles over the years, with the Michael Jordan era being phenomenal for the game. But once Jordan left, the league struggled with image issues and negativity surrounding the sport. In recent seasons, LeBron James and the new group of superstars have brought the NBA back into the spotlight. I’m a huge fan, so thankfully, this has led to positive discussions and greater interest in the sport. However, lately there has been crazy conflict taking place during (and after) games, and I’m concerned...

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  • Really Need a Franchise QB?

    The Patriots, Jaguars, Vikings, and Eagles are the final four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, and are all preparing for the Conference Championships on Sunday. As they have their sights set on making it to the Super Bowl, everyone else is analyzing how these teams have made it this far. Other NFL teams are wondering what the formula for success is…or what type of offenses work best…or what defenses lead to the most winning. Fans of non-playoff teams are hoping their favorite franchise will begin to follow the Patriots’ model…or...

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  • The Minnesota Miracle

    After seven hours of engaging football on Sunday, including a Jaguars upset and an array of amazing touchdowns, sports fans (with the exception of Saints fans) experienced one of the most euphoric plays in NFL Playoff history. As Case Keenum threw a desperate, yet remarkable 61-yard touchdown to Stefon Diggs with time expiring, the phrase “Minnesota Miracle” instantaneously came into being. Down by one point and no timeouts, the Minnesota Vikings were hoping for a miraculous play that would give them a chance to get the win over New Orleans. Amazingly,...

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  • The Same Case

    NFL media and fans are finally realizing the incredible story of the Minnesota Vikings. Although their quarterback Case Keenum has been an underdog, he has surprisingly helped take the Vikings to the next level. Keenum has always been doubted and underrated – even going back to when he was only given one scholarship offer to play college football at Houston. While there he set passing records, but still went undrafted. Since the 2012 season, he’s been cut three times…placed on the practice squad…traded…and his previous team, the Rams, didn’t resign...

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  • The Biggest Unplanned Failures

    On SI.com there is a headline that says, “The Biggest Unplanned Failures in the NBA This Season,” with “What Teams are Experiencing Unplanned Disappointment?” written below. After clicking, the article explains “The Biggest Unplanned Disasters in the 2017-18 NBA Season.” As the midway point of the season gets closer, it’s already clear which NBA teams are heading in the wrong direction – despite their big plans and high expectations for the year. The Los Angeles Lakers started off with lots of hype and excitement about their young core, but are sitting at...

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  • The Rooney Rule

    NFL franchises are still in the process of hiring and firing coaches. We’ve seen the Raiders bring back Jon Gruden, while teams like the Giants, Colts, and Lions are still searching for the right guy to lead their team. An underlying element to the coaching carousel is the requirement for organizations to comply with the Rooney Rule, which states teams must interview at least one minority for any head coaching vacancy. Although teams appear to have followed this rule over the years with some positive results, concerns have been raised...

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  • Putting Aside Hurts, Alabama Wins

    It’s a QB’s dream to win a National Championship…and a QB’s nightmare to be benched on the largest stage in college football. Alabama’s Jalen Hurts experienced both last night as the Crimson Tide pulled out the win over Georgia in overtime 26-23. The biggest storyline of this epic game and comeback was Nick Saban taking out his starting quarterback (with a 25-2 record), and having Tua Tagovailoa (an inexperienced freshman) start the second half. With Hurts struggling to get the offense going, Tua came in and gave the team a...

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  • Refs and the “No Call”

    With a good start to the NFL playoffs over the weekend, four teams played well enough to move on, while the other four teams are trying to figure out what went wrong and who’s to blame for the loss. The Chiefs are blaming the play-calling…the Rams can make excuses for being inexperienced…the Bills couldn’t move the ball on offense…and the Panthers scored field goals instead of touchdowns. Although there are additional reasons each of these teams lost, I’m sure many fans will point to the refs as playing a major...

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