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  • The Mind in the NFL

    TheRinger.com has an article out this week about how “The NFL’s Mindfulness Movement is Spreading,” and explains how more and more teams are incorporating sport psychology into their overall strategy. Mindfulness training is being used by teams like the Falcons, Seahawks, Colts, and 49ers to help their players and coaches with mental clarity, meditation, awareness, stress, and worry. We always hear how important the mental side of sports truly is, but many times we think this only has to do with being smart or having a high football IQ. However,...

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  • Coaches On the Hot or Cold Seat

    ESPN.com has an article out right now where they rate the job security of every NFL head coach by using a scale from hot seat to cold seat. Coaches are considered on the hot seat if ESPN thinks they’ll be fired, based on a disappointing season, but coaches are on the cold seat if there is no way they’ll get fired. (They actually put Bill Belichick in his own category because, well, he’s Bill Belichick and has the most security of any coach in maybe all of sports). The coaches...

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  • Justin Thomas Wins with Patience

    The 24-year-old, Justin Thomas, didn’t wait long to become a major champion, but his patience helped him secure the Wanamaker Trophy and win the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow. Having grown up around golf, and then getting this two-shot PGA victory for his first major, must mean a great deal to him and his family. Thomas started Sunday’s round two behind the leader, Kevin Kisner, and ultimately inched his way up the leaderboard to finish strong with a 3-under 68. Patience turned out to be a key factor in his...

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  • “The Green Mile”

    With the PGA Championship taking place in Charlotte, NC this weekend, I’m excited to have the golf world in my city! Quail Hollow is a well-regarded course that routinely hosts the Wells Fargo Championship, but this year the spotlight is even bigger as they host a major. With a three hole stretch known as “The Green Mile,” Quail Hollow’s 16-18 are considered as three of the most difficult holes that finish a round on the PGA Tour. Rory McIlroy said, “It’s a tough stretch, one of the toughest stretches that...

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  • “Football and School Don’t Go Together”

    UCLA quarterback, Josh Rosen, recently made some comments that caused a major reaction among athletes, media, and fans. In an interview with Bleacher Report he said, “Look, football and school don’t go together. They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs.” He went on to say, “Human beings don’t belong in school with our schedules. No one in their right mind should have a football player’s schedule, and go to school.” He started a nationwide debate where people have many different perspectives on...

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  • The Underappreciated Coordinator

    When many of us sit at home on Sundays watching football in our recliners, we enjoy telling the coaches what plays to call and criticizing them for the offense not moving the ball. Finding offensive coordinators that fans universally love is especially hard. This coaching staff position usually takes the most heat because fans always want the offense to be better. Former Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Todd Haley, became the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012, and the last three seasons have been three of their most...

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  • The Janitor with an NFL Dream

    Krishawn Hogan had a lifelong dream of getting drafted and making it to the NFL. He played high school football, but didn’t make it on the field during his first three years. He ended up going to college at Walsh University in Canton, Ohio, and unfortunately dropped out during his freshman year. Hogan ended up working at Monkey Joe’s inflatable play center, and as a janitor at the Indianapolis Convention center – next door to Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Colts play and the NFL combine is held. As a...

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  • The Tanking or Fulfilling Perspective

    Heading into the NFL season, there are many teams with high hopes and expectations for success. Most teams made moves to improve their roster, and are looking to compete for a playoff spot…and then there is the New York Jets. After a 5-11 season last year, they spent the last few months releasing key veterans, Brandon Marshall, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, Eric Decker, and David Harris. Based on those moves, they appear to be going into full rebuild mode and most assume they are “tanking” to receive the top pick...

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  • Preseason Football – A Taste of What’s to Come

    Last night, the NFL preseason kicked off with the Hall of Fame game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. In unison, fans everywhere shouted that football is back! Although only an exhibition game, and most of the star players didn’t even play, fans have been longing for football and we’re thankful the new year has started. I’m sure as many of us turned on the TV last night, there was a sense of joy and excitement when we heard Al Michael’s voice again, and saw the action on the...

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  • The Slings and Arrows of Training Camp

    We’ve heard the NFL has become a “passing league,” with more of an emphasis on the quarterbacks and the wide receivers. In order to combat the high powered offenses, defensive coordinators are building their teams around strong pass rushers and reliable cover corners. The Philadelphia Eagles are a team on the rise, but the position of cornerback is an area of concern. They’re looking for guys to step up and provide the needed playmaking and consistency, and have been rotating players in and out to try to find the best...

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