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  • The Foul Ball Net

    As sports fans, there is something undeniably special about going to a baseball game in person. I’ve been to Wrigley Field in Chicago and PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and a few other sweet stadiums along the way. The unique sights, sounds, and smells of a major league ballpark can’t help but draw you into a memorable experience. Unfortunately, a young girl who was recently enjoying an evening at Yankee Stadium with her grandparents, was struck in the face by a line drive foul ball during the fifth inning. Thankfully the...

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  • Eddie, Kyrie, and Durant’s Vulnerability

    There is a perception out there that strength and toughness mean you don’t share your feelings or open up about what you really think. Overall, the culture of sports has operated with guys hesitant to admit weakness, inner emotions, struggles, and the truth about what they’ve experienced. However, as athletes are given greater opportunities to share their thoughts and stories on social media and with the general media, they are becoming more transparent. We are now hearing from plenty of players who admit the truth and allow themselves to be...

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  • Learn How to Lose

    Offensive linemen rarely get the attention they deserve, and NFL fans often overlook their value. However, Cleveland Browns’ offensive tackle, Joe Thomas, has earned some acknowledgement for his incredible milestone of playing 10,000 career snaps without missing a play. Since being drafted by the Browns in 2007, Thomas has remarkably lined up on the field every single time! Despite the team’s struggles, Thomas has been a great player who epitomizes what it means to keep going – even when losing. With advice that carries weight, he offered this strong perspective...

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  • Coaching for Your Job

    Mike Riley left Oregon State to become the head coach at Nebraska in December 2014, and after 29 games, there is some uncertainty about his future as the team’s leader. Nebraska is a big-time football program (they’ve won five National Championships), so the rumblings about his 16-13 overall record are getting louder. The situation got even worse when Nebraska lost 21-17 at home to Northern Illinois last Saturday. Nebraska’s athletic director Shawn Eichorst was angry, frustrated, and disappointed by the loss. He said that it was “not acceptable” and “we’ve...

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  • The Positive and Negative Spin on Week Two

    Based on what we’ve seen through the first two weeks of the NFL season, there are plenty of takeaways, observations, and opinions about how teams are doing. We can either dwell on the negative aspects or put a positive spin on the outcome of any game or team’s performance. For example, the Patriots bounced back from their week one loss and scored 36 points against the Saints, but four of their players left the game with injuries. Panthers fans are excited to be 2-0, with the defense not yet allowing...

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  • “Throw the Ball Down the Field”

    The New York Jets are in for a tough season, as they’ve stripped down their roster and are now in full rebuild mode. However, they decided to go with a veteran at the quarterback position and journeyman, Josh McCown, is tasked to lead their offense. They struggled in their first game against the Bills, with McCown passing for 187 yards and averaging only 4.8 yards per attempt. An article written on ESPN.com points out how the Jets realize they need to take some chances down the field, and not be so cautious....

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  • USC’s Vacated Season

    One of the best games I’ve ever watched took place during the 2005 season when Vince Young and Texas beat USC in the Rose Bowl to win the BCS national championship. USC was loaded with talent (led by Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart), but Young put on an incredible performance to push his team to a 41-38 win. These two teams will face off on Saturday for the first time since that epic game, and highlights from that special night are sure to be replayed throughout the broadcast. What makes the rematch and...

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  • UNPACK this…Reality of Injuries in the NFL

    When football players decide to pursue a career in the NFL, there are certain aspects of their decision that are understood: They have the potential to make good money. They play in front of millions of roaring fans. They see people wearing their jersey. They have the chance to win a Super Bowl. They experience wins and losses. They have the opportunity to develop team comradery in the locker room. But, perhaps the most important realization of all football players is that injuries are a huge part of the game....

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  • The Vision of a Running Back

    Last night’s game was a true passing of the torch for the Minnesota Vikings, as running back Adrian Peterson visited his old team wearing a New Orleans Saints jersey. The Vikings showcased their rookie running back, Dalvin Cook, who rushed for 127 yards in their 29-19 win, which broke their record for most rushing yards in a rookie debut. Knowing Peterson held that record, and still holds countless others as a Vikings legend, it was weird seeing him on the opposite sideline. Even so, the Vikings remarkably have another impressive...

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  • Give Credit to the 49ers?

    I became an Indianapolis Colts fan during the Dungy-Manning era, and would still like to see the team do well. But after yesterday’s 46-9 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, it appears this is going to be a really long and tough season for Indy. The Colts have been on a decline the last couple of seasons, and their hope for this year is dwindling. Andrew Luck’s injuries prevented him from playing yesterday, and he may miss even more time moving forward. As badly as the team was dominated on...

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