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  • 68 Different Receivers

    It’s incredible that Tom Brady is still playing at a high level during this point in his career. He’ll arguably go down as the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL, and his accomplishments and stats will back that up. As countless players have cycled through the New England Patriots, Brady has been the one constant on the field. While playing with so many teammates throughout his long career, he’s thrown a touchdown pass to “68” different receivers. For The Win’s website states that Vinny Testaverde has the record at 70,...

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  • Make the Play

    The New York Giants, who are 1-8, have had a rough year dealing with major injuries and very poor play. They gave the San Francisco 49ers their first win last Sunday, which added to the criticism of head coach Ben McAdoo. The team is trying to identify their issues and ways they can improve, and apparently McAdoo called for a “long, hard, honest meeting” yesterday. The struggles can’t be placed on just one person, and an overall effort and change in attitude seem to be needed for them to be...

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  • “We Talk, We Listen”

    With college basketball back, last night brought two competitive games and tight finishes. The Champions Classic featured No 1. Duke beating No. 2 Michigan State 88-81…and No. 4 Kansas beating No. 7 Kentucky 65-61. Both games were filled with freshmen showcasing their abilities, and we got a glimpse of the top teams to keep an eye on this season. I’m personally eager to see if the polarizing Duke senior, Grayson Allen, can continue playing like he did last night, scoring 37 points. Beyond the play on the court, Michigan State’s...

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  • UNPACK this…Instant Gratification and Firing Coaches

    It’s that time of year again when we start hearing rumors of football coaches being on the hot seat…and others being fired. Interestingly, fans are always so excited when they get a new coach, but then a few years later they are eager to get rid of him. In college football, we’ve already seen Florida and Tennessee move on from coaches they hired a few years ago, and short-tenured NFL head coaches (Tampa and New York) could be on their way out too. This becomes troubling when the administration, owners,...

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  • Resilience Leads to Victory

    The Tennessee Titans pulled out an important win yesterday, as they survived a late surge by the Cincinnati Bengals. After a couple costly turnovers allowed the Bengals back in the game, the Titans responded with a 12-play 73-yard touchdown drive to give them a 24-20 victory at home. They improved to a 6-3 record on the season, and have now won four straight games. The Titans are for real this year, and there is no question they must keep pulling out wins like yesterday’s in order to clinch their division...

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  • Midway Point: Truth and Lies

    We’re at the midway point in the NFL season, and even though there is plenty of football left to play, we have a good understanding of what to believe about many of the teams. We know the Eagles and Patriots are playing well and Super Bowl contenders, and that the Steelers are the team to beat in the AFC North…the Chiefs in the AFC West…and the Vikings in the NFC North. Also, the Rams and Jets are playing much better than most people expected, while the Broncos and Giants are...

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  • Peppers Doesn’t Seek the Spotlight

    Julius Peppers was the 2nd overall pick in 2002 by the Carolina Panthers. After a strong start to his career in Carolina, he left in free agency to join the Chicago Bears in 2010, and then spent 2014 to 2016 in Green Bay. This season, Peppers returned to the Carolina Panthers (one of the greatest players to ever put on the team’s uniform), where he has played a key role in their 6-3 record. The 37-year-old defensive end has had a Hall of Fame-caliber career, including nine Pro Bowl appearances,...

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  • Kobe’s Next 20 Years

    Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game. Being one of my favorite athletes, I miss not being able to watch him compete anymore. But now that his NBA career is over, I’m intrigued to find out what he ends up doing next, and if he’ll have similar success away from the court. There’s no denying his work ethic, passion, and determination made him an elite basketball player, and it’s fair to think those character traits will translate to his new business endeavors....

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  • Controlling Fantasy Football

    One of my favorite things about being an NFL fan is playing Fantasy Football. I love putting together a roster of real players for a pretend team and competing against my friends. During the preseason draft, I diligently prepare by researching and making a plan for the players I want to take and when I want to pick them. Once the season starts, I enjoy watching games and predicting which players will perform best each week, so I can put those guys in my starting lineup. Based on my knowledge...

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  • What if…?

    It was another wild Saturday in college football! We witnessed top 25 teams like Penn State, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma State go down…while teams fighting for the Playoff, such as Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Oklahoma, all win. Week ten is over, but there are still plenty of big games left on the schedule that will determine which four teams get invited to the College Football Playoff. The discussion for the next few weeks will be filled with hypothetical scenarios and lots of “what if” questions. What happens...

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