The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional

daily words of wisdom and faith
  • Have Mercy on Me

    Today’s Reflection A MOTHER MAY ALLOW a child to fall sometimes and be distressed in various ways for its own benefit, but out of love can never allow any kind of danger to come to her child. And though our earthly mother may allow her child to perish, our heavenly Mother Jesus can never allow […]
  • Praise

    Today’s Reflection OPEN MY MOUTH, LORD, that praise may flow more easily than requests, thanks more readily than complaints. Praise be to you, O Lord, for life and my intense desire to live. Praise be to you for the mystery of love and for my intense desire to be a lover. Praise be to you […]
  • Compassion

    Today’s Reflection THE CULTIVATION OF COMPASSION is really a process of recovery – of retrieving an inherent capacity that has become, either in the moment or over time, buried and obscured. Jesus’ knowledge, which is grounded in the Hebrew scriptures, tells him that each person is created in the image of God – a God […]
  • Praying the Mysteries of Life

    Today’s Reflection MYSTERIES DO NOT YIELD to quick fixes and simple formulas, and sometimes they never yield at all. Prayer is no different. You can have a prayer life and choose to avoid the mysteries. Or you can include the mysteries in your praying, knowing that even when you do, some will remain. – Steve […]
  • Freedom from Worry

    Today’s Reflection PROFESSIONAL-GRADE WORRIERS don’t limit their worrying to any particular time or place. They worry about yesterday, full of regret and guilt. They worry about today, what each moment will bring. They worry about tomorrow, fearful of the dangers that lie in wait for them. For such worriers – like you even! – there […]
  • Risks for the Kindom

    Today’s Reflection FOLLOWING JESUS is risky. We probably will have to step out of our comfort zones. And loving the world with God is iffy business. We will face frustrations, questions, and discouragement. What if we give our time and energy to others in need, but we don’t see any results? What if we work […]
  • Creation Remembers

    Today’s Reflection EACH DAY, every moment, you place your hand of blessing upon the brow of creation. In your touch, in your words, everything flowers, everything remembers the deep, perfect loveliness within. The deep, perfect loveliness of you. – Sam Hamilton-Poore Earth Gospel: A Guide to Prayer for God’s Creation From page 57 of Earth […]
  • Go with God

    Today’s Reflection SOMETIMES IT TAKES going into the wilderness to learn who we are and what we need. From time to time, God draws us toward a terrain where the familiar contours of our lives disappear, where we leave our landmarks behind, where we let go the people and patterns and possessions that orient us. […]
  • God in the Unexpected

    Today’s Reflection Finding God in the Unexpected I FIND GOD in the unexpected, the unexpected places where I least expect to find the presence of the Living God. It is in these unlikely places that the undeniable sense of holy-overwhelming arrests my attention. I find God in the unexpected, the unexpected times when I would […]
  • God’s Loving Care

    Today’s Reflection O GOD, ever wakeful, ever vigilant, your protection and loving care are always with us. Even in times when evil seems rampant, in times of natural disaster, in times of anxiety or grief, you guard our going out and our coming in. Through Jesus Christ we know your grace is sufficient. Amen. – […]

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