The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional

daily words of wisdom and faith
  • People Become What They Love

    Today’s Reflection USE THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD as nature needs them, but not with excessive attachment. For it would be very displeasing to God if you were to set your heart on something of less value than yourself. . . . People become like what they love. – Keith Beasley-Topliffe Writings of Catherine of […]
  • Mercy

    Today’s Reflection MERCY IS NOT MERELY FEELING SYMPATHY. Mercy is extended by one who has the power to condemn or punish but chooses not to. We choose not to criticize, not to say, “I told you so,” not to exact our “pound of flesh” — not to avenge. As Jesus shows us in his interaction […]
  • Gracious Lord, Bread of Life

    Today’s Reflection GRACIOUS LORD, you are the Bread of Life, who provides for all my needs and satisfies the deepest longing of my heart; graft me into the very center of your great tree of life; feed me, nourish me, and care for me like a tender vine that I might grow into Christ in […]
  • Fear and Worry

    Today’s Reflection THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FEAR AND WORRY lies in the realm of choice. Fear is an automatic physiological response to a situation in which we feel threatened. Worry, on the other hand, is a conscious straying of our thoughts to a particular situation that troubles us. While fear energizes and primes us for action, […]
  • God’s Grace Is Vast

    Today’s Reflection AT TIMES WE MUST RELY on the faith of those around us. Have you ever felt like you couldn’t pray? Despair, fatigue, anger, or confusion may have overwhelmed you, and you couldn’t bring yourself to share your heart with God. Have there been times when you felt like you didn’t believe in God? […]
  • Breathe Into Our Souls

    Today’s Reflection MAKE US LIKE THE WIND – ever-moving and ever moving others. And with joy we will dance with the leaves. In submission we will linger in the shade, cooling the skin of those scorched by the sun’s heat. In awe we will pause and be still enough to hover over creation, admiring your […]
  • Wisdom

    Today’s Reflection WISDOM VIEWS the rising sun and the majestic silences of nature as daily messages from God. God is patient; God waits for us to get it right — or continues to work with us, despite our every error and lapse of conscience, in the sinews of every prayer and doctrinal attempt, every compassionate […]
  • Caring

    Today’s Reflection HOW DO YOU AND I, beloved daughters and sons of God, become more open to the world of those who are broken and powerless? How, with all we have to do, can we enter with them into a more human relationship? … Caring as God’s beloved children is making the effort to be […]
  • God Given Ability

    Today’s Reflection WHAT ABILITY DO YOU HOLD in your hand? Please don’t compare it with what others have. It may be big or small, but God has uniquely gifted you for a specific purpose. You already possess what God wants to use to bless others. Thank God for your ability; commit yourself to develop it […]
  • A Deeper Truth

    Today’s Reflection O LORD, It’s hard to admit, even to myself, that there are no easy answers to life’s hard questions. Help me to see things as you see them. In wrestling with you, my imperfect faith is made stronger. In wrestling with you, I discover a deeper truth: that my questions usher me right […]

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