The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional

daily words of wisdom and faith
  • Turn the Other Cheek

    Today’s Reflection HOW CAN WE turn the other cheek, responding out of power rather than force in ordinary encounters with those who may be opposing us? If someone makes an insulting remark we usually react in one of four ways: (1) instantly retaliating, returning insult for insult; (2) launching into defensive explanations; (3) falling silent […]
  • Trusting God’s Promises

    Today’s Reflection THROUGH MY WORK in spiritual direction, I find that many people have a fear of abandonment. As an only child, I felt that fear especially when my parents would go out for an evening. I didn’t know if I could trust the promise that my parents would return because of the lurking fear […]
  • Adoration

    Today’s Reflection CONSIDER for a moment what, in practice, the word adoration implies. The upward and outward look of humble and joyful admiration. Awestruck delight in the splendor and beauty of God, the action of God and Being of God, in and for God’s self alone, as the very color of life: giving its quality […]
  • Beginnings of Prayer

    Today’s Reflection OFTEN PRAYER BEGINS as a longing in the heart, a longing for love, a longing for connection, a longing to make contact with a Power greater than ourselves. Sometimes it begins as a desperate need for help, peace, strength, or comfort. Other times prayer’s beginning is a deep hope for others — an […]
  • Listening

    Today’s Reflection LISTENING IS AN ART, a spiritual practice. … Listening speaks to one of our deepest needs, to be understood or feel understood. Yes, we might like people to agree with us, take our side, but it is a great gift when we feel that the person understands us, even if the person does […]
  • Praise and Thanksgiving

    Today’s Reflection PRAISE DIFFERS FROM thanksgiving, which is offered for a specific reason or a particular gift. Praise does not depend on any single deed or gift of God. It is a prayer, chorus, or hymn directed to God out of endless wonder from our endless discovery of who God is. Praise goes beyond thanksgiving […]
  • A Seal Upon Christ’s Heart

    Today’s Reflection MAY CHRIST SET YOU as a seal upon his heart, as a seal upon his arm; for his love is as strong as death, his passion as fierce as the grave. Many waters cannot quench his love, neither can floods drown it. –Based on Song of Solomon 8:6-7 – Earth Gospel: A Guide […]
  • All Beauties and Wonders

    Today’s Reflection ALL BEAUTIES AND WONDERS, all bright, blue skies, All honest reflections or questions, “Why?” Can lead to a sense of the presence of God. But even mid terror, God’s near as our breath. In all we can whisper, in life or in death, “Now into your hands, I commit my spirit.” – Contemplative […]
  • Thank You for Joy

    Today’s Reflection THANK YOU, GOD, that even when I feel empty and dry, I know that the springs of joy are there, buried deep within me. I ask you to tap those springs now, release them, and carry me away on their fullness. Thank you, O God, for joy. Joy that overcomes all else. Joy […]
  • Grant Me Grace

    Today’s Reflection GRANT ME GRACE this day to rest and remember that there is nothing I have to do, nothing I have to buy or sell, nothing I have to produce or consume in order to become who I already am: your beloved creation. May your overworked creation and those who cannot rest today come […]

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