The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional

daily words of wisdom and faith
  • There Is No Fear in Love

    Today’s Reflection FEAR IS A GREAT MOTIVATOR, but it is not a saving one. Fear can generate many things, but it cannot generate the gospel’s core: love. First John 4:18a is not engaging in sophistry when it says, “There is no fear in love.” It is telling the truth about Christian discipleship. It is telling […]
  • For God’s Unfailing Grace

    Today’s Reflection GOD, WE GIVE YOU THANKS for the grace that lies at the heart of our faith. Even as we fall short in our response to your love and your call, your grace still abounds. We see your grace in the sunlight that warms the earth and in the starts that light the sky. […]
  • Prayer for the New Year

    Today’s Reflection LORD, I resolve to live more fully in [2018], each day brighter, more purposeful, full of faith and not of fear. Give me courage to accept life’s adventures and faith to avoid second guesses. Grant me strength to say YES to the life you want me to live. Help me to hope in […]
  • Listening Prayer

    Today’s Reflection AS YOU LISTEN TO OTHERS, trust that God will help you tune in to what they are really saying. Be still; allow your heart as well as your mind to open up to the person who is speaking. Pray for guidance and understanding. – Patricia Wilson The Mindful Manager: The God Factor at […]
  • Your Image of God

    Today’s Reflection THE IMAGE YOU HOLD of God can affect your desire to answer the call of God in your life. For example, if you feel God is to be feared, you are unlikely to enthusiastically seek a way to use the gifts God has bestowed on you. You will be too concerned about putting […]
  • Courage for Our Day

    Today’s Reflection ADORNING THE WALLS of my pastoral study are pictures of such icons as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. Also included is a picture of three young people shielding themselves from authorities who are force-spraying them with fire hoses in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963. Emblazoned above the image of […]
  • The Blessing Box

    Today’s Reflection FOR ME, the issue of homelessness hits close to home. Many people in our area who have no place to live congregate and camp along the nearby Puyallup River. To “take care of the problem,” members of the community have tried to force these people to leave. But where can they go? Shelters […]
  • Bring Light

    Today’s Reflection PART OF BEING LIGHT to the world is treating all people with respect — recognizing that all people are made by God and that God wants us to treat them kindly. In your prayer time, ask God to help you see ways to bring light to someone in your family or someone in […]
  • Financial Difficulty

    Today’s Reflection SCHOOL DEBT, a downsizing of middle-class jobs, and a loss of high paying jobs has translated into a bleak economic picture for today’s young adults. Those who went to college are challenged by school debt. Two-thirds of recent graduates owe more than $26,000. Added together, recent college graduates have wracked up more than […]
  • Introvert and Extrovert

    Today’s Reflection THE PUSH-PULL OF OUR FIRST YEAR of living together [married] was also challenged by balancing Fred’s introversion and my extroversion. Introverts are a careful species, quiet and thoughtful, usually content to be alone. While I learned when he needed his own space, he learned when I needed him to listen to me verbalize […]

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